[Family Strokes] September Reign, Emma Hix: Caught In A Lie (HD/2020)
Emma and her stepdad have been fooling around behind her mommys back. On this special day, they had both planned to play hooky from work and school too fuck, while mom was none the wiser. The sexual tension between them was strong, but mom could still not figure it out. She offered to drive Emma to school, but Emma was quick to spew up some fake plans with the girl from down the block. Mommy noticed the time, then rushed out to work. It was time for her and her stepdaddy to get down to business. She has been missing his big cock supremely, and couldnt wait to get it in her mouth. Just as the sucking commenced, her mom was about to walk through the door. They quickly scrambled to get out of her sight. Turns out she had forgot an important file. As she searched for it around the house, Emma and her stepdaddy were searching for covert places to fuck. They luckily were able to keep up with her pace and still get that coitus going. Stepdaddys nut was so powerful it accidentally got not only on Emmas chest but also on the missing file! They quickly ran into the closet as mommy approached. She noticed the jizz, but didnt put two and two together. That was a close one!

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