[Jacquie Et Michel TV] Claudia: At The Height Of Claudia’S Expectations, 23 Years Old
The desires of the chicks at J&M are orders for our team, and Claudia knows it well! The beautiful 23-year-old student, more sparkling than ever, takes advantage of her daily outing hour to do some shopping, but also and above all to join us by the sea. Indeed, the young lady had a desire that had been tickling her for a while now, namely to type a well-hung black! If she has had the opportunity to take advantage of an ebony-skinned guy in the past, the experience had not been a success … In order not to disappoint her, we introduce her to Curtis, who does not does not make quarters in the orifices of the young lady, even going so far as to sodomize her to end the debates!

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