[Primal Fetish] Gabbie Carter: Mesmerizing the 18 Year Old Office Hottie to Make a Sex Tape
Primal’s Mental Domination
Gabbie is the youngest girl in the office. A Mix of innocence and entitlement in a tight fit body and INCREDIBLE huge natural tits. After realizing Michael Masters is totally harmless she is happy to have someone at the office to talk to that isn’t trying to fuck her. I mean it would be ridiculous a guy his age, looking like he does, to think she would be interested and he made it clear he totally gets it. Actually he even wants to show her the shiney necklace that he bought for the age/appearance appropriate woman he likes. Gabbie is immediately taken by how sparkly it is, how it keeps her focus, how relaxed she is getting looking at it, listening to his voice…
Gabbie is more than happy to suck her “boss’s” cock, which she is in love with, while he records it on his phone. Not only that, while telling him that she is his dirty little slut and she wants everyone to know it, she licks and eat his ass – just to prove that she is his dirty little slut
Now that she has fully been indoctrinated to being his personal little slut, Masters decides to make a full on fucking video while she talks about loving his cock and belonging to him, just so the other guys in the office know he is THE MAN


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