[Sex Mex] Pamela Rios, Loree SexLove: Perv Teachers Pt 1 – Maestras Depravadas 1
The worst group in school is the 5th semester, they are unruly and aggressive. They beat their teacher and now the head teacher (Pamela Ríos) brings them a substitute teacher (Loree SexLove) who brings a method to discipline the irresponsible students. A month later everything has changed. The 5th semester group is now the highest ranked and most ordered group in the entire school. The Principal wonders what Miss Loree’s special method would be. SHe heard rumors that Loree is giving sexual gratifications to every student who improves their grades. The Principal interrogates the students one by one but nobody says anything. The Principal won’t stop here. She has a plan to get the truth out of Aldo, the most diligent student in the group. She is willing to do anything to know all about the misterious methods of Loree…

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